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Global Quality Control Inspections for Indians

Global Quality Control Inspections for Indians

We have been inspecting Products for Indian Buyers across the World since 2004

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India Cargo Insurance

India Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers all possible risks for the full value of the goods which can include shipping costs, duties and insurance costs.

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Assisting Indian Business Go Global

Assisting Indian Business Go Global

We can help promote your products into new International Markets

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Home Promoting Indian Products

Promoting Indian Products

Promoting Indian Products across the World


African 2020 Campaign

Have your Company & Products Listed on Goodada for 1 year for Free*

Are you an Indian manufacturer or an exporter who is seeking to try and develop export markets for your products?

Goodada is a B2B online marketplace with over 20,000 sellers and 500,000 products.

We never list prices on the site as we believe this enables all sellers to properly compete as they are able to directly negociate prices with the buyer instead of being overlooked by potential buyers because of fake prices of other sellers.

We are now looking for Sellers from India and surrounding countries to register and list their products onto Goodada. 

We are offering the first 100 sellers from Indian who register and list their products on Goodada will be listed for for 1 year for FREE* (Terms & Conditions Apply).

**Please Quote the code "IndiaSeller20" to claim the free listing on Goodada



For more information about Goodada's Africa 2020 Campaign Services please contact:

Contact Person: Aidan Conaty

Email: sales@goodada.com

Phone:  +353 1 885 3919





Where will my company and  products be promoted in?

  1. Goodada has websites in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, China , India, Australia, New Zealand and South America.
  2. Goodada’s freight partners across the world also use goodada on their websites. So visitors to their websites will be able to see your products.
  3. Goodada also focuses on finding Africa buyers for your products. We use Facebook and other online media to promote your products across Africa.

Why do I need to be verified before I can list my products?

  1. Goodada only allows verified companies to list their products on its platform.
  2. Once you have registered as a seller a Goodada representative will call your company to speak with you and ask some very basic questions. After this has been completed, then you will be able to add your products onto Goodada.

Why Goodada does not show prices of products?

  1. You can get higher prices as buyers don’t see any prices so cannot select sellers to contact based on their prices.
  2. African business people are excellent at negotiators and want to make a deal direct with the buyer. Having no price enables them to achieve this.
  3. Your competitors will not see the prices you are charging for your products.
  4. You don’t have to keep coming back to Goodada to keep updating the price.

Can my company be placed top of the display list on Goodada?

Yes you can. This is called a Goodada Gold Member. The cost for this is an additional €299 per year.

What are the annual fees to have my products listed on Goodada?

The 2020 annual fee is €365 for 12 months.

For Goodada’s China website. I don’t speak Chinese, how can Goodada help me?

  1. Easy, Goodada has a Call Centre based in China. Our Chinese team speak perfect English as well as Chinese.
  2. We only charge when our services are used.





To grow sales Indian Sellers face the following difficulties

  • The high cost to find new international importer customers.

  • The need to exhibit at International trade fairs.

  • The difficulty to market products on the Internet.

  • The expense of hiring sales staff to travel the world.


The benefits for Indian Exporters

  • Have your products marketed across Europe, UK, China, South Afica, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the USA.

  • Have your Products hosted across many of our International Network websites.

  • Have your products promoted directly to over 50,000 International Importers.

  • NEW SERVICE!!!.....we can help you find buyers of your products using our specialized search tool, we can connect you with new customers.

  • NEW SERVICE!!!!.....Increase your sales opportunities into China using our Multi-channel China Support Services.


How the platform works - Promoting India Products


Step 1 - Visit our website, register as a Seller** and then upload your products and company profile.

Step 2 - Then we will promote your products across our International network of websites.

Step 3 - Local Goodada network members will introduce your products to buyers in their area.

Step 4 - Buyers will then be able to contact you through the Local Members website.


** To register as a seller, click on the green "Register Now" tab at the top right hand corner of this page. Let us help you grow sales and find new customers!!


Promoting Indian Products


Helping you connect with new customers


Upload your products onto our Trading Platform today and start connecting with Buyers from across the world!!!


Questions & Answers for Sellers - Promoting Indian Products

1.      Will my products only appear on the Goodada website?

Your products will appear on many websites across the world. These websites are part of the Goodada Global Trading Network.

2.      Is it only the website that will promote my products to foreign buyers?

Our International network has a lot of sales people who meet with buyers on a daily basis. These sales people are able to introduce your products to buyers via the website.

3.      Does Goodada charge commission from the products that I sell?

No. Goodada makes money is through selling our Supply Chain services.

4.      If there are many sellers of products on the platform, how can people find my products?

Your products, for a period of time, will be listed on the top page.

5.      Does Goodada allow any selling company onto its platform?

Goodada only permits verified companies to list their products on its platform and its across its network.

6.      Why does Goodada not display prices for products?

We do not display a price for products. This allows a fair system where buyers contact sellers based on the quality of product information provided rather than the cheapest price displayed.

7.      How many customers will see my products?

Your products will be promoted to excess of 50,000 customers across the world.

8.      What countries are these customers located in?

The customers are located across the Australia, Canada, China, UK, USA, Europe, UK and Asia.

9.  How much does it cost?

Please contact us to find out more.


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